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Thanks for contacting our Mental Health and Wellbeing service. Our aim is to work alongside you to ensure you receive the most appropriate and timely support for your particular needs. Please follow the link below and complete the screening tool as accurately as possible. Once the form has been assessed by a practitioner you will be offered one or more of the following:

  • A telephone call or enquiry to gather further information
  • The offer of a one to one appointment.
  • The offer of a place in a group course or workshop
  • Referral to or exchange of information about services outside of the university
  • Referral to or exchange of information about people or services within the university or Students Union
  • Suggestions of online resources.

You will be contacted either by telephone or via the portal within 5 working days.


Please note that if you are accessing student support because you are in crisis or your need is urgent – for example you are unable to maintain your safety, you are at risk of/or have been harmed, you have been the victim of a sexual assault or domestic violence please contact the central team on 01482 462222 or through live chat in the MyHull portal.


Student support are available between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday


If you need an immediate response, please call emergency services on 999, NHS 111, The Mental Health Crisis team (Hull and east Riding Only) 0800 138 0990.

You can also access immediate telephone support from a trained counsellor 24/7 by calling our Student Assistance Programme (SAP) on 0800 028 3766. For more information see our website.

Student Space offers phone, text, email, and webchat support for students who need advice and guidance around mental health, your studies, money worries, or relationships. They also have dedicated, tailored services to support specific student groups.

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We will contact you either by telephone or through your MyHull portal.

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If you have not registered with a GP, we recommend you do so as soon as possible. Please find your closest GP surgery and register.

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Further Questions

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Over the past two weeks, I have been having thoughts about ending my life*
Over the past two weeks, I have made plans or taken actions to try and end my life*
Do you want to tell us anything else about your suicidal thoughts or plans?*
Mental health condition (please tick all that apply) *
To what extent are you considering leaving University because of your difficulties? *
To what extent would you say your difficulties are affecting your study (e.g. attendance, assessment)? *
To what extent would you say your difficulties are affecting your overall experience at University (e.g. managing daily life, socialising)? *
Please let us know your availability to ensure we contact you promptly.*
Please let us know your availability to ensure we contact you promptly.
  9am - 1pm 1pm - 6pm
I would prefer my appointment to take place via:*
You may select more than one type of appointment
Have you chosen a face to face appointment because of a disability or accessibility need, for example a hearing impairment?*

We will always try our best to give you your first choice of contact preference however we have limited numbers of some appointment types so you may be offered an alternative.

Information Sharing 

We will only share information with third parties with your consent. The only time we would share information without consent is where we have concerns that you or somebody else is at risk.

When sharing any information, we will only share those details which are relevant to ensure you receive the most appropriate support.

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